Monday, May 9, 2011

pea battle

Depending on which astrological calendar you follow, B.'s an Aries or maybe a Taurus. Either way, the otherwise perfect kid can be one stubborn toddler. So last week we had our first vegetable standoff. It seemed like the right time to start since he now understands the fine art of negotiation. Sleep doesn't come without at least one Gabba episode and multiple books. So I held him hostage in the highchair for 3 peas. Then I cut it down to 2 peas. Then I offered a choice of 2 peas or 1 bite of carrot or 1 bite of zucchini. He lasted 40 minutes without blinking an eye before I decided it was time to get on with our day. So I explained that I would be wrapping those two peas in mac and cheese and he could get down after eating the noodles. Done deal. I've had the best intentions of repeating the same steps every day since. Hasn't happened yet but I swear it will the next time I have a spare 40 minutes.

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