Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tonight's dinner

I grilled some marinated beef satays I got from Whole Foods in Venice (for the guys in the house). I'm no meat eater but that store takes its meat seriously. There are more sausages, brochettes, smoked meats, etc. than I've ever seen outside a butcher shop. The marinade was a honey terriyaki so I figure some sort of Asian noodle might work. I grated fresh ginger (via microplane) with a little oil, soy sauce, garlic and miso then steamed some edamame and tossed the whole thing with pasta. (It's just getting too boring to point out that I'm the only one who actually ate anything.) This is the first time I've used ginger and it made the sauce so zingy. I wish I had started using sooner. The Australian side of my family uses it all the time but I tend more toward Mediterranean style food which doesn't call for so much ginger. But consider me a convert.

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  1. Australians like ginger? I did not know that! Anyway, if you're on a ginger bender and like red lentils too, try the super-easy dahl recipe I posted awhile back on my blog. It's also got my go-to spice: garam masala!