Thursday, April 1, 2010

birthday cake dilemma...

I'm researching baby's first birthday cake--hello, photo op!--and am running into a sugar problem. I thought we were holding off on cake because of the chocolate frosting but the only problem seems to be feeding kids refined sugar. Not to downplay if anyone is anti-sugar but...really? As long as its homemade I think I'm ahead of the game. Not like this suggestion I found on Baby Center:
since someone mentioned being concerned with heavy icing & tummy aches here's a simple solution. Mix 1 tub of cool whip with 1 small package of instant pudding...

RFLOL. Right, because Cool Whip and pudding mix are part of the healthy food pyramid. Oh I'm being a beeyotch but this just has me rolling.
Anyway, my mission now is to find the best cake recipe I can for B.'s first.


  1. The birthday cake is for the adults - most babies and young kids don't even like cake (though Smarties and gummy worms on top go over big), so forget about them and keep the rest of us in mind.

  2. LOL, Cool Whip? And that place calls itself the "Baby Center"? Jeepers.

    Okay so I'm considering this a challenge! I will find you a sugarfree cake! (My fav standby, Raw Carrot Cake, which is sugar, wheat & egg free, has low kid appeal, I suspect!) I'll get back to you ASAP with suggestions!

  3. Don't think you've mentioned how Little Sir B feels about coconut but here are a few delicious-looking ones that contain it and are not just sugar-free but raw & vegan too:

    Coconut Pineapple cupcakes

    Cacao Coconut Ganache Tart

    Raw Banana Cream Tart

    Or how about this gorgeous Pomegranate "Cheesecake" (this is also vegan so not real cheese, and it only has coconut butter, not the actual dried stuff)

    Like most raw desserts, these recipes call for agave, which you might want to read up on here:

    OR just replace with honey! Note that you don't need very much of either agave or honey, and in fact, you might be able to just leave it out of the cake (I do with my carrot cake) because the dates are sweetness enough.

    Okay well, if none of those appeal, let me know if you want me to keep looking! Or, if you want me to test one out for you!


  4. Another one! Concorde Grape "cheese" Cake:

  5. omg, this is an insane list, thanks for the links! will have to test out over the coming weekends. i do love a good carrot cake myself but am not so much into the raw stuff at least not yet :)

  6. Have you ever made any "raw stuff"? Don't knock it until you've at least tried it.