Monday, March 15, 2010

weeknights, woe is me

I just cannot get home from work early enough to get organized. I tried making cod fillets in a breadcrumb garlic crust but was rushing around and not paying enough attention. I overcooked the fish to the point that it got rubbery. So dinner was roasted root veggies and yogurt. Ben seemed to have no problem with that but at some point (when he can talk?) the kid is gonna say, "Uh, enough with the side dishes and dessert, where's dinner?" I really wonder how other parents do it? Especially when feeding time at the zoo is 5p.m. I want him to eat what we eat but cannot seem to get a homecooked meal on the table that early. Bah.


  1. Just curious why you don't cook on weekends and freeze or feed him leftovers from the dinner you made for you & T, the day after you ate it?

  2. I do freeze some stuff but I also really like fresh vegetables (grilled and whatnot) so it doesn't always work out.